Who we are

We are a Brazilian office composed of lawyers and professionals dedicated to finding innovative, appropriate, and efficient legal solutions…

Areas of expertise

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

The multifaceted character of International Law, especially Private International Law (or, in general, conflict of laws) requires from the law enforcer a plural and flexible approach…

Asset recovery

Bringing people and institutions from different countries together and the speed of communication and transfer of capital have facilitated…

Cross-border insolvency

Contemporary business activities cross borders. Considering the internationalization and interdependence of global relations, complex corporate structures located…

Investigation and asset tracing

Our investigation and data collection resources operate with the latest tools available, along with techniques developed for each case, analyzed individually…

Legal counsel, civil litigation and Contract Law

We provide advice and we represent our clients in ligation matters of Civil and Constitutional Law, and Contract Law…


Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2022 – Brazil
Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2022 – Brazil 150 150 demori

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Where we are

São Paulo – SP

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1461, 4º Andar, CJ 41, Jardim Paulistano

Maringá – PR

Av. Advogado Horácio Raccanello Filho, 6170, Sala 07, Vila Ipiranga

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